Current Projects:

The Greg Nouveau album

Studio Upgrade!

Promo for the next Nouveau Sounds release!



My "Top 50 Essential" songs list added:





My thoughts on the latest Ultravox album "Brilliant" are on my Blog page: well worth a listen if you're into that sort of thing (and we all ARE, surely!?).....





The first Zebedee song is done: have a listen to "Egyptian" on Soundcloud:


A YouTube video to follow shortly.....


There are several more songs from the band currently in production, several of which will make up their debut EP release.


Production of my original material continues, along with a couple more remixes......!

These are a little more "radical" than my previous stuff, though...! ;-)





One of my old school mates is drummer in the North Wales-based rock band "Zebedee", for whom I'm doing a little production work.

Seb Lord gave me an old cassette of his old band "The Reddleman" to digitise / remaster.

Here are the two tracks:

Bleak, Bleak, Bleak:


Where's The Music Gone?:


The "Zebedee" material is VERY promising: one track in particular has "future classic" written all over job is to bring the future forward to the present...! ;-)





Just updated my blog page with some Olympic-inspired stuff...!

How can anyone British fail to be impressed and uplifted by our achievements at the Games..!?!?


Personally, I'm currently doing some mix work for a band called "Zebedee", who are a rock band based in Clwyd, North Wales: there should be half a dozen tracks completed in the near future.

Also, I'm pressing on with my new material: expect a departure from my recent remix work....

I'm going "Back to the Future", baby...... ;-)





Here's a track I did last year whilst setting up the gear in the studio: call it a tester, basically!

Found it on my HDD over the weekend: forgot I'd done the track, tbh..! :-)

Anyway, Chariots of Fire, the classic Vangelis piece, with a twist:



Also on YouTube:



Donna Summer CD's have been sent out: if you received a Nirvana CD, then check your post-boxes.....


The next project is also underway: details to follow.......!





The "20:12" Mix of Donna Summer's "I Feel Love" is finished! It took a little longer than I anticipated due to the project deviating away from the original I scrapped it and started again!

As things stand,the mix is on YouTube:


You can also listen on "Soundcloud":



The intention was to try to remain as faithful to the original as possible, whilst at the same time adding "something" of "me" to proceedings.....

Have I achieved it? You decide! the way: the mix is called "20:12" because it lasts for 20 minutes and 12 seconds!

The original intention was for it to be the "20:20 Mix", as in perfect vision, etc......

The track ran for 20' 20" prior to mixing / mastering but somehow it "lost" 8 seconds during the process....


I was going to adjust it back.........then I remembered what year it is....... ;-)


More stuff forthcoming....ORIGINAL material, too..... !!







The Credits' "London's Calling" is getting rave reviews everywhere..! There wil be more from this band shortly: an album (probably around November time?), and some gigs before the end of the year.....


The "Invader Mix" of my Nirvana remix is now on Soundcloud:


Have a listen......!


The "I Feel Love" remix is well under way, too: this is going to be EPIC, believe me..... ;-)





"London's Calling" (Olympic Mix) by The Credits is now on YouTube:


The song is available in 2 "flavours": the basic single and a special enhanced "Olympic Mix".


Both are now on


Promo's have been sent to all major UK radio staions.

Expect this song to could be a real "game-changer", believe me....!


The link above is for the standard "Single Mix": the "Olympic Mix" will be up shortly!


Their new website, which should go live 3rd week of June, is

Check it out!





35 promo CD's of "Teen Spirit" went out yesterday, to select radio and club DJ's worldwide...!

Didn't receive one?

If you want to be on the "Promo List", drop me your details and I'll add you to the rapidly expanding list for future releases......


The Credits' first track is nearly done, and the Donna Summer tribute is halfway there, too....

Watch this space!




Well, the Nirvana "Teen Spirit" remix is on YouTube now:



Apologies for the video: I just needed SOMETHING with a little animation quickly.....!


The VERY limited edition 3-track CD is also doing the rounds now: each one is individually numbered.......keep an eye (and ear!) out for them......!




Spent the day remixing a track for the forthcoming Gary Numan "Dead Son Rising"remix album.

"When the Sky Bleeds, He Will Come", the "Missing Windows Remix" should be available soon: either on the album or on my soundcloud page......!




Started a remix of "I Feel Love" today: this will be along the lines of the original, but with a few "surprises"...! You know the score.... ;-)





Donna Summer, R.I.P.


Donna's passing away came as very sad news yesterday.

I, among many, cite 1977's "I Feel Love" as a milestone in music, a real game-changer in terms of the sound of disco, and it shaped the core of modern music to this day and beyond.....


Donna was the ultimate disco diva: great looks and what a voice..!

I first heard "I Feel Love" at my local Friday night school disco in '77, and remember to this day the wierd feeling it gave me......!

I was mesmerised by the hypnotic sound, and it triggered my music interest in drum machines, synthesisers and sequencers instantly, and permanently.....

Her vocals always seemed to have great power and depth to them, right from her "Love to Love You baby", through the late '70's / Giorgio Moroder period, and continuing to shine via SAW in the late 80's.....


I'll be doing some sort of tribute in the not too distant future, I reckon.....! ;-)




I've just started work on the debut EP from Worthing Mod band "The Credits" ..!


This will be a 4-track release, featuring the lead tracks, "London's Calling" and "Shine", along with 2 other original songs.


Their sound can be described as "New-Wave", circa 1978, and they sound FRESH..!


They have a couple of albums worth of original material, mostly Jam / Kinks / The Who - inspired!


These tracks will form the backbone of their debut album.......


SoundCloud and website to follow.....!