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June update: The Credits, etc....!

Posted on 8th June, 2012


Its been really busy recently!

The Donna Summer remix is well under way, the new single by "The Credits", London's Calling is starting to fly: I've been busy promoting it for them, so not enough time spent at the console for my liking.....!

But still, mustn't grumble....! Its starting to look quite exciting....

Radio 1 involved, "The Sun" newspaper involved, looking into a possible worldwide ad campaign using the song......its all good, really!


I've put the song on iTunes, printed /burned around 100 CD's for promo's, done graphics, a (rubbish) video for YouTube, and registered with PRS/MCPS as a writer / publisher....


Also, there's an Ultravox project on the horizon, too....!


Busy indeed..... ;-)

Chat Soon..GN

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