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Mixing/Mastering service, featuring 1/4" R2R analogue at 15ips, 1bit DSD digital at 5.6MHz.

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Have your track produced, mixed and mastered by Greg Nouveau..!


If you're signed to a label, unsigned, whether you're a singer/songwriter or band, it doesn't matter! Very competitive rates.....!

If you are serious about making a career for yourself in music, I can help you get started, with a professional-sounding debut song!


For £395, you get the following: Your song, tracked, produced, arranged, mixed and mastered (if requested) by myself.

I'll send the track to you for approval as a 320kb MP3. I'll carry out any tweaks as you deem necessary (up to a point!), before delivering final mixes as 320kb MP3, 48k and 44.1k WAV files via Dropbox.


And, starting Spring 2018, we will be able to offer mixing and mastering to 1-bit DFF / DSF / WSD 5.6MHz formats!

This, alongside a revolutionary new valve EQ system, represents probably the highest quality digital mastering available to date!


I can produce a professional looking sleeve artwork for the track as well, if required, but this shoud only be considered aa last resort: I do music, not graphics!


I can also carry out a small amount of promotion for the track, too: select clubs, radio statons, etc, as required....



Here's how it works:


You send me (either via email, Dropbox, WeTransfer) your source material.

This can be virtually ANYTHING: from a basic acapella sung in your front room and recorded as an MP3, right through to a part-finished project in Cubase, Pro-Tools etc, which you want me to finish off and polish!


I'll allocate a time slot for your project: this will typically be around 40 hours studio time (a full week, basically), from start to finish.


The good thing is that you don't ever need to visit a studio, and your song will be worked on while you do your day job, go on holiday, etc,etc...!


The arrangement is totally flexible: if I/ you feel you need to add some vocals, for instance, you can record them in the same location you recorded the original take, and simply email me the track! I can then add it to the project...!


All this for a fully-inclusive, one-off fee! It couldn't be easier, really..!


You retain ALL copyrights to the song (assuming it is YOUR original composition, that is!)


For example, You send me a full song that you have written, sung as an acapella, with 3 verses, chorus, middle8, etc (basically the whole song).

I then add ALL the instrumentation: you tell me what style you want the song produced in.


You may want it to be an Indie track, 125-130bpm, that sounds like, say, "Supersonic" by Oasis...?

or a club track: 140bpm, in the style of the latest chart-topping club track!

Its totally up to you: say what you want, and I'll make it happen....simple, really...!


And when its finished, you own the song! All I stipulate is that you credit me with producing the track.


If you manage to obtain a recording /publishing deal with the track, and it goes on to sell a million, then that's the way it goes...... Well done!


My one-off production fee is the ONLY fee I expect to be paid, and is my sole entitlement.....


Now I can't say fairer than that, can I..?


It doesn't stop there, either!

If you're a signed act, I can assist, too: email / DM me with your requirements and to negotiate terms...

You may have a song that you have previously recorded and mixed that you just want to take in a totally different direction? I can do that, fact I'd go as far as to say that is my speciality!?


I can put a different spin on ANY track...take it to a totally different place, and breathe some new life into proceedings.....


I can also offer a full tracking service, where I come to you, record your parts (maybe at your home, in a studio local to you, or a relatives garage, etc) into the digital domain.

Then I return to my studio and work on the track offline, as normal......


Don't forget: I am flexible, and can probably assist, whatever your needs.....?


Just drop me a line with your requirements, and I'll get back to you shortly with the possible solution!


Email: studio@   or  @gregnouveau on Twitter or

GregNouveau on Facebook.