Current Projects:


Finalising the remainder of the album.


Light at the end of the tunnel, at last......!




Another track completed! This is "London's Calling", a track I originally produced for "The Credits" back in 2012.



This version will shortly be available for download / streaming on Itunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc,

and will be part of a trilogy spanning 5 decades...details to follow....... :-)


The final 7 songs from the album are all in final stages of production and the finished product will definitely be completed this year! It is nice to be at last able to say this with certainty.






Here's another track from the album: this one was written and recorded in a day, with no "plan"...these things happen sometimes....!


The format of the album has changed over the last 6 months: what started out as a simple case of recording 12 tracks has evolved into something far greater over time, and so I'm now looking at a summer release with only 6 of the original tracks making the cut..!


What this essentially means is that there will now be a 2nd album in 2017.....! ;-)


The game continues...and now, in gaming terms, I've just got an extra life....!



However, it's not all great news: I have had a setback regarding use of "Movin' on the Floor".

Apparently the owners are not happy with my "use" I have plan B in operation, as I did sort of anticipate this....

Also the decision on my application to release my other cover version is taking longer than anticipated...but that could still go either fingers crossed!




1st track from the new album is here....!



If you like it enough, you may wish to purchase the track: available on ITunes, Amazon, etc,etc...and Spotify, if streaming is your thang....!


An extended "club" version will also be available shortly...



The game gets harder from here on.....!





Just putting the finishing touches to the first track from the new album!

"A27" will be released in the near future, as a "taster"...!


There will be a single release on April 11th: this is a cover version, and I'm currently sorting out licensing, etc, for this......


The actual album should be out 1st week of May, as I'm hoping to farm it out for mixing/mastering, possibly at Abbey Road.


Initially it will be an MP3 download, but plans are in the pipeline for a CD and HiDef Audio release over the summer.


If the demand is there, then there MAY be a vinyl release or at least a 12" single with extended versions of 2 of the tracks.


So much to organise......






Very sad to hear about the passing of David Bowie yesterday: I have been playing his back catalogue all day today, soaking up the genius, and trying to find some inspiration to add to my album sessions.

The man was a true innovator: someone who just DID it, breaking down the boundaries, always moving forward.


It really sinks in when you listen to his vast back catalogue just HOW original he was, and an true inspiration to several generations: no doubt he will inspire many to come, too...


He will be sorely missed: a real HERO...but for far longer than "just for one day"!


David Bowie (1947-2016) R.I.P.





A new year....and we move up another level in "the game"!


Now it starts getting serious: the album is not too far off now, but there is publishing, distribution and production of physical copies to take care of..!!


I think we're looking at a series of 3 EP's, spaced a month apart, cumulating in the actual album being a remixed, polished version of the the 12 tracks from these..?


EP's will be digital downloads only: when the album is released, though, there could be a box-set...maybe..... ;-)


I'm currently looking into a Hi-Res release, too: 96KHz/24bit on a USB stick...

Watch this space.....!



03/11/2015's been a LONG time....!

I'm currently back in 1985: travelled back on 21st October, obviously....


I'm recording my long last!

Release date is pencilled in as April 11th, 2016.

The album has a title, but I'm keeping it under wraps for the time being, as it MAY change. ;-)


It will contain 12 original songs and 2 re-workings of classic's.

Synths and sequencers all  the way, but featuring some interesting live work, too...


I'll be keeping people up to date as I go, both on Twitter and Facebook, and there will be a few "leaked" tracks along the way, too.


Watch this space!


Regarding remixes: I have plans for just 2 remixes in the 2nd quarter of 2016, but I'm concentrating on original material from here on in.....


The game continues......







After my visit to Sarm West on Thursday, for the Classic Album Sunday's / Sarm Studios event for the 30th Anniversary Edition of Frankie's "Welcome to the Pleasuredome", I'm thinking i just NEED to record / mix SOMETHING at Sarm.!?


So..I'm planning a trip up there at some point, either soon......or after the redevelopment....


It was great meeting Trevor, Steve, Gary, J.J, and , of course, Colleen "Cosmo" Murphy of C.A.S..!

Great evening all round, and the album sounded great through our Audio Note / Klipsch setup in the legendary Studio One...!


I would have LOVED to hear it through the main / nearfield monitors in the control room, though.......! ;-)


What am I doing currently?


Well, alongside work on my (30 years in the making!) album, I'm getting near to completing my new studio monitors!


Once they're signed off, I'll be back in the studio 100%: but I really need to put this to bed, as the project has over-run by about 6 months..!

Not enough hours in the day, really....


I have one more remix to complete before the end of the year, too.....

More news to follow...

Stay tuned!




I'm currently updating my logo, and a few other site-related things....


The invader is not going: it has just "evolved" a little......after all, we're a fair way into the game now, and it surely gets harder as we progress, right...?!  ;-)


Level 3: here we come....!


I'm in the process of a few equipment upgrades, including a Neumann U87, a Moog, and some unique, very exotic monitors...!

More on these in the near future.....


And I now feel that a "Pro" Soundcloud account is obligatory, as I have run out of minutes.....!






Can you believe it was 30 years ago today...? FGTH's "Two Tribes" was released...!


Here's my tributary "Termination MiXXX":







Just putting the finishing touches to my latest remix: should be ready by next weekend....

(..if I don't do a Trevor Horn and say "it's not right...we need to start again!!!")


Then I have a little club ditty to do...and a tongue-in-cheek World Cup song....! ;-)


Stay tuned......!






Here's a track I've been meaning to do for a while now....EVENTUALLY....its done!



I'm planning to remix this (already!?), so there will be more of this one, thats for sure.......


I have 3 major projects lined up this year: this is the first, and I'm getting stuck in to the second one as you read this.


The album is coming along nicely: "Movin" will be on it, but apart from that, it'll contain new, unheard material.




And don't forget, I also offer a music production service!

If you are a singer or band, I can produce a killer track for you!


An all-inclusive introductory package is available at just £395.00 (inc. VAT)

You won't need to visit any studio: just send me what you have, tell me what you're aiming for, and I'll do the rest..! Simple!


So, if you've recently been turned down for BGT, X-Factor, or The Voice, drop me a line.....

You dream is certainly not over: indeed it is probably just the beginning..!!?


You just need to look at things from a different angle......


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Stay tuned! :-)