Current Projects:



Working on 2 killer tracks for the Autumn




tirelessly seeking out that elusive break....


Greg has been producing music since the early 1980's, mainly using synths, drum machines and sequencers.

He plays several instruments to a level that enables him to record an entire record single-handedly, and lay down vocals, too! You could call him a "a 2nd division Prince"...! :-)


He has always loved the studio environment, and could spend all his time in there, if it was possible.


Life has prevented him form "going for it" back in the day, hence he has probably not put enough in to have "made it", nor has he had the lucky break that most seem to get.....?


He was in several bands during the 80's and 90's, none of which you'll have heard of, but has always retained a need to keep his hand in with production: he currently has a nice little home studio running Cubase12, and is still recording / remixing tracks.


Greg started producing / remixing seriously in 2012, starting with remixes of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit", FGTH's "Relax" and Donna Summer's "I Feel Love". All these have been well received, and get likes / comments on Youtube to this day.


He has remixed over 50 tracks for many artists across many genres, both officially and unofficially.


Recently, he completed a set of 15 "Roarin' Twenties" remixes of classic songs, which he intends to release as an album in 2023. (subject to licensing)


Most recent release is the Olivers Elvis track "Feels Like I'm In Love". This is a cover of the classic Kelly Marie No1 from 1980, recorded in the style that the writer, Ray Dorset (Mungo Jerry) originally intended. Unfortunately, Elvis never got to hear Ray's demo, but we created something that sounds not too far away from what "The King" wold have done.


Greg has 2 massive club tracks in production for later in the year, one may turn into a BIG watch this space.....