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Roarin' Twenties Trax!




Negotiating some exciting new projects.......



I arrived on this planet a while back: it was during the period you refer to as "the swinging 60's" ?

I briefly recall some football match that people in England look back upon with fond memories, and hope that one day it'll happen again..?


I took over the body of a recently-born baby at a local hospital, as I needed to blend in to my new surroundings.


As time progressed, I went through the motions of growing up: school, girlfriends, college, work, etc....


I was always destined to produce music using machines, but the planet did not have the facilities available that I needed: a DAW in 1970 would have been slightly creepy, wouldn't it..!?


Over the years I kept hearing influential sounds, and having ideas of my own, but I had no way to get the sound in my head onto any physical media....

Very frustrating!


I tried using available technology, but 1/8" cassette tape was just not cutting it for me, nor could I afford to go to Sarm West or PWL, so I remained frustrated.....!



SO, I started working in electrical / mechanical design and engineering: I figured that the planet's technology would catch up with my vision eventually, so I put my plans on hold until that time.

After all..I had to do SOMETHING with my time?!


Parallel to working, I became involved in designing / manufacturing studio monitors, doing live and studio sound engineering, was in a few bands over the years, etc, etc....



I was always going to make music, and it was always going to be using machines: this was crystallised in 1977 when I first heard "I Feel Love" by Donna Summer / Giorgio Moroder.

THAT record changed everything for me!


From there, Roxy Music, Bowie, all the Punk / New Wave stuff, the New Romantic / Electro period (1980-1983), particularly Visage, Ultravox, Duran Duran and Adam and the Ants, all contributed greatly to the master plan....!


In 2011, almost 30 years later, my "trigger" was activated and it was time to put the ideas into action....!

I set up a small studio and am now in the process of producing the fruits of 40 years of inspiration.....


The game starts here: I hope you enjoy the results......


GN x