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Visage: the comeback..!

Posted on 28th April, 2013

Well, after hearing loads over the past year or so about a new Visage album / comeback, etc, it looks like its 100% happening..!


The new lineup looks like its in place, and after hearing a preview of the album, I have to say that it's actually GOOD...!!


I must say that after hearing that there were only 2 original Visage members in the new band, I was a trifle sceptical about what the resulting album would end up sounding like.....!


However, with a little Magazine, a dabble of Ultravox, a touch of Simple Minds, some foxy female glamour.....oh, and a LOAD of Steve Strange style, it looks like Visage are back in the game with a bang!


"Hearts and Knives" offers far more than the time-honoured "2 singles and a dozen fillers"-format: I'd say all the tracks are fairly strong, and, with a few choice remixes, the album could generate 4 or 5 singles.......?


Steve is also launching a make-up range, with products aimed at the male contingent as well as the ladies, so it looks like he's gonna be very busy doing all the promo work for his various enterprises......!


"Hearts and Knives" is sheduled for release late May: the single "Shameless Fashion" is out already.....


Check out for details...!

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