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Posted on 31st August, 2019

With the recent launch of the Nouveau Sounds label, and the website , we have obviously been reaching out to artists who could benefit greatly from the service that we offer.


We have several very exciting projects lined up for 2020 as a result of this "reaching out", including artists from a wide range of genres (including rap, reggae, glam and mainstream pop!).


However, after communicating with over 200 prospective artists, there does seem to be a huge misconception about how to get discovered in 2019.


A fair proportion of those we spoke with seem to be under the impression that they can simply record an acoustic cover, stick it on YouTube, and SImon Cowell will come knocking at their door offering a £1M record contract..!?


WRONG!  The "Justin Bieber" days are over!


But why?


Is it that people these days are simply not very talented, and Justin was one of the exceptions?


Of course not! 


In fact, the opposite is true: there are now loads of wannabe's touting their respective talents on YouTube.


It is not a novelty is the norm.

These days, when you upload your video to YouTube, you're now competing with thousands, maybe even MILLIONS, of talented singers, songwriters and producers.

All are trying to score that elusive record deal that will enable them to give up the day job, or maybe allow them to never actually need to get a "proper job" in the first place.

Some of these people are incredibly talented, too.


So what am I saying here?


Well, it's simple really: If you want to stand even a slim chance of being discovered, standing out and having your music played by other people, you need to promote yourself.


Not only that, but you need the right song, and, being totally need to be GOOD ENOUGH!


As if that is not also need to have commitment to your art...whether this is singing, writing, dancing, painting, tennis, need to have the dedication, and put the hours in!


How badly do you REALLY want it?


Some of the artists we spoke with talked a good game, but they just were not committed to the cause: they were not giving it enough, generally.


In addition to this, they were reluctant to invest the necessary finances in THEIR futures.


Getting back to promotion..this costs money!


There is no way to avoid spending money on promotion: having the killer song, with a killer performance, the best production, etc, is one thing...but if no-one ever hears it..what's the point?!


In 2019, promotion is probably the sole benefit of being signed to one of the "big three".


They have the budget to promote songs worldwide...but obviously they take a huge percentage in exchange for this.


But even if the artist gets just 20% of the generated revenue, surely that is better than 100% of nothing, right?


SO, it IS still beneficial to get signed, but you need to stand out to even have a slim chance of getting discovered these days.


Nouveau Sounds' sole aim is to help artists to achieve this, with a full package at a very minimal cost.


We want YOU to get signed by Sony, UMG or Warners.


Our package is #TTP (The Total Package). Check us out here.


If you've lost your way musically, maybe following some bad experiences and knock-backs, and don't really know what to do next, we'll give you direction, purpose, and set you off on the road to your next chapter.


We appreciate how difficult it is these days, but if you're TRULY committed to your cause, then we want to hear from YOU...!!


Keep focussed!!





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