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Omicron Variant in the UK: the REAL story!

Posted on 28th December, 2021

Omicron - the home-truths!


This is the most honest summary of the “make it up as you go along” strategy by the UK on Covid 19 that you will read. Fact!


When Boris and Chris Whitty went on TV a month before Christmas 2021, telling us that “the best thing we can all do is get boosted!”, the Omicron variant had only been reported for a week or two!


Now it took a combination of all the worlds best scientists to rush out a vaccine for the earlier variants of took them almost a year of round the clock development and testing to finally be able to release something which at least had a ghost of a chance of preventing the huge death toll worldwide.


I remember Matt Hancock going on breakfast TV and actually CRYING with joy the day he announced the vaccine rollout in December 2020!!


It was as if this was a silver bullet, and everything would be back to normal by summer.


So, we all started having the first dose of Pfizer..then Oxford AstraZeneca...then, later, the Moderna (for the youngsters).


Me and my missus are in the over 50-s group and had our first jab in March2021, with our 2nd doses in May.


We both contracted  Covid in February: this would have been the 2nd, “Kent” variant.

We both recovered  OK, without hospital admission.


So...according to the government, after our 2nd dose in June, we should both have had around 90% protection against Covid moving forward?

Add to that our natural immunity / antibodies following catching the virus, then we're basically covered, right? :-)


WRONG, apparently!


Less than 6 months after this (end November 2021), Boris and Whitty are back on the box telling us that basically the previous jabs are totally ineffective against the new Omicron variant, and that we ALL NEED this booster??!


Fact: Omicron is vastly less deadly than previous variants.

Fact: Omicron is now attacking the UK population, over 65% of whom have been double-jabbed.

Fact: Over 80% of the UK population have had a single dose.


The government announcements were designed to create a mass panic, but the fact is that these announcements were based on pure speculation, not on “Data”!


When the announcement was made, the was ZERO data on Omicron: it had only just been reported in South Africa a couple of weeks previously!


Consequently, there can be no guarantee that this amazing booster will actually do ANYTHING.


How can it possibly have been developed, , tested, trialled for effectiveness? There's been no time to do any of that......its just guesswork!

How do they KNOW for sure that mixing the various vaccines will NOT cause issues for individuals down the line. (Remember, they originally told us that if you have a first dose of a certain vaccine, then you need the matching 2nd dose.) No “mix and match!”


But now, magically, you can have this “booster”, and it'll restore your protection from zero to 75% as if by magic!?


What is the “booster”, exactly? Pfizer..?  Oxford..? Moderna..?  A blend of all three..??  or something else entirely?


One thing IS certain: whatever we're being virtually forced to have as a “booster” is very unlikely to either be necessary, effective to any extent, nor be guaranteed to NOT cause us any issues moving forward on a person-to-person basis.


There seems to be an urgency to get these doses in peoples arms, whatever the cost....and based on no real data?


In fact, as I write this on (Boxing Day 2021), infections are up in the 100k-plus, hospitalisations are around 2k, and deaths are less than 2 per 1000.


Now, that's not the ideal “zero”......but crucially, it hasn't gone up significantly in 4 weeks, even though infections are sky high.


This basically confirms that Omicron is NOT a significant threat, (except maybe to the very old / vulnerable / non-vaccinated, who could MAYBE benefit from any additional protection?) and the majority of people just need to get on with life as normal, just taking a few precautions to minimise personal risk of infecting others.


One thing Boris and Whitty dont really tell us is that ANYONE can catch Omicron and pass it on to others, regardless of vaccine status. They make out that having the jab stops you catching it...but it doesn't!


All that is necessary is keeping the load on the NHS to a minimum, and preventing deaths. These hospital admissions and deaths are NOT going to come from Omicron, clearly.


Truth is, the NHS struggles at this time of year EVERY year.... through sickness of staff, and the fact that there are more colds / flu around.  

Creating a blind panic in December, of all months, is NOT the most clever move, is it?!


What with loads more people regularly taking tests, NHS staff testing positive (using tests that themselves could be classed as fairly unreliable?), and subsequently having to take time off work, all that has done is amplify the NHS staff shortage situation this winter.....

Smart move, Boris!


SO....down to the crux of it: what IS the panic to “get boosted”?


What's the REAL reason for this urgency to “get your booster”?


Well, it's simple!


Back in January 2021, the UK ordered 650 MILLION doses of vaccine (including 185 MILLION doses of the Pfizer).


Now, with the UK population approaching 70M, that's around 9 doses EACH?


Clearly, what has happened here is that the UK massively over-ordered at the beginning of the year, using tax payers (OUR!) money.

The problem is (and this is a BIG problem to Boris!) that these doses have a shelf life, and unused doses will need to be destroyed when they reach their use-by date.


VERY embarrassing to have to explain in 2022 how the UK had to dispose of maybe quarter of a BILLION doses of unused vaccines..?!

Doses ultimately paid for by the UK taxpayer!!


So Omicron created an ideal opportunity to minimise the effect of this by getting as many doses in arms as possible before the expiry dates?

Clearly also, we're being given whatever doses are most convenient: no structure or organisation regarding an individuals previous vaccine history.


Just get yourself along to a Medical Centre and GET BOOSTED!


I've been receiving reminders on a daily basis from both the NHS and my local medical centre, including on both Christmas Day, and this morning!


They're REALLY desperate to use up these doses, for sure.


(Incidentally, I'm of the opinion that they did the same with petrol a few months back, too!


Petroleum has a shelf-life too, and the lockdowns severely cut the general demand for petrol


As a result, petrol just sat around, stagnating, the forecourts profits were severely hit, as was the tax to the UK treasury.


So...when we got the HGV driver “storm in a teacup”, the resulting panic-buying enabled the garages to shift all their old stock of fuel, and at the same time gave them an excuse to hike up the prices, recoup some lost profit...and consequently, the treasury got an influx of tax!


Win, win......unless you're a member of the public..!!


SO..there it is...the truth.


Thanks for reading.


We're being played, aware.

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