Current Projects:

Mix/Master the Greg Nouveau album

Album artwork / promo.

Finalising the "NouveauMobile" recording suite.

July Update!

Posted on 10th July, 2012

I'm currently doing pre-production for my first "proper" video..!

You know...LIVE footage, shot on location, animation, with REAL fx, etc.....! Exciting stuff!


The Credits are also intending to do a "real" video for "London's Calling", shot on location around London: this should take place over the coming weeks......

Underway also are my next two production projects: the first is a sort of "mash-up", but not in the traditional sense.....that would be just TOO boring and predictable! ;-)

The second project is my first "serious" venture (up until now, I've merely been testing the waters)!

I'm going more "New Romantic" with this...expect something more "me" than what you've heard so far..... ;-)

Exciting times indeed......

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