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Posted on 8th August, 2012

Now I have to admit.....


Over the last few years, the very mention of the above words has made me switch off!


The budget cuts, the restriction of use of various words, phrases, etc, the threat of a major terrorist attack, the financial legacy that the "games" will leave on the UK tax-payer, and so on....

EVERYTHING was Olympic-this, that and the other: enough to make you sick at the very mention of the the dreaded "O" word!


Couple this with the history of epic sporting failure of everything British over recent years.....?


Well, hold on right there!

Personally, I have numerous recollections of disappointment in major football tournaments, being English, and every two years, am reminded of this: and usually the form book is proved right, I must add.....!



I can also remember, off the top of my head, the following: and I'm sure to have omitted several BIG ones, too..!


1) England DID win the world cup! Ok, it was in Rugby...but we did it!

2) We won the Ashes, too, iirc..!?

3) Lennox Lewis and David Haye have both had world crowns in boxing.

4) Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button have both been F1 World Champions!

5) Andy Murray reached the Mens Singles Final @ Wimbledon this year...(AND beat Federer for Olympic gold in London!) ;-)

6) Man Utd have been serious Champions League contenders for 15 years, winning it twice. Liverpool have also won it, and Chelsea are the current Champions of Europe...!

7) Sir's Steve R. and Chris H. have both been dominant in their fields over recent years.

8) Queen V has been almost invincible, and now Queen T appears to be taking up where Vic is leaving it.....?

9) fact, recently, we've been pretty damn good in Cycling and Rowing in general.......!?

10) We have surpassed our medals haul in Beijing already, with days to go....


SO......its not all bad, is it?


There: 10 good reasons to be proud to be British!


Its great to have something to cheer about, in these times of financial bleakness (I wont use the "A" word: I'm as sick of hearing that as I was the "O" word..!)


Well Done, TeamGB!!!! Keep up the great work! :-)

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